RetryScope "NumberOfRetries" not accurately named

The RetryScope option “NumberOfRetries” is not accurately named. If I put 1 for this option, the activities in the RetryScope are only performed one time. Per the documentation for this activity:

  • NumberOfRetries - The number of times that the sequence is to be retried.

This implies that if you put a 1 for this option, the activities will be tried once then retried 1 time. In actuality, inputting a 1 here only allows for the activities to be performed 1 time total! With some testing, I learned that I need to put a 2 here, but this was not at all clear from the name of the option and the typical meaning of the word “retry.”

I would recommend renaming this option “NumberOfTries” or updating your documentation to make it clear that this is the total number of times the activities will be tried (not retried). Obviously, of these two options, the latter is the easier.


Thank you for the feedback. I submitted an edit suggestion on the documentation page to start.


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