Retry scope doesnt stop retrying for Business Rule Exception

As per activity description , Retry scope doesnt retry again if error/exception gets thrown.But I observed that it retries again even if UiPath.Core.BusinessRuleException is thrown, for all other exceptions it doesnt retry.Anybody know the reason?
I have put my flow in Try catch, having 2 catch blocks , BusinessRuleException and Exception.I have put rethrow activity insisde BusinessRuleException.Try Catch block is inside Retry-Scope having 2 retries and FlowSucessCondition.When I throw business rule exception within application flow, i dont want Retry Scope to retry that.

Hi @manishtrivedi,

The Retry Scope activity will retry if an error is thrown. Here is the description from the documentation page: “Retries the contained activities as long as the condition is not met or an error is thrown.”.

In your case, if you don’t want to retry in case of BusinessRuleException, they you shouldn’t re-throw the BusinessRuleException, and you should re-throw the Exception.

Sorry for the very late reply, hope it is still helpful if not for you, then for others.