I want to retry few business exceptions. I am using orchestrator queue retry mechanism

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I want to retry 4 specific business exceptions out of 30 biz exceptions. We are using RE framework and queue retry mechanism. I have customize RE framework so that only 4 specific business exceptions retried and rest are skipped. I am setting those transactions as business exception in set transaction status workflow. But retry is not working. Can anybody help me on this.

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What retry mechanism you are using? also Re framework is built to auto retry based on application exceptions in Queue framework.

We’re using Queue retry mechanism. On queue we set retry count as 1.

We want to retry few specific business exceptions.

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The queue retry works on the application exceptions. If you want to try over a business exception you can use retry scope or apply some different logics.



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A simple think will be instead of writing as BusinessRuleException, you can write as SystemException, which will become as Application Exception and it will be retried

Else as @Shikhar_Tandon said you can put retry scope and retry it, so here the element exist is required to exit from Retry scope

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We want show them business exception i.e. we’re setting transaction status as business exception. We already implemented retry logic but somehow that is not working. Is there any method that we can use to retry these special business exception using queue retry mechanism.