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Hello, I’m automating accounting month end journal uploading in JDE. Occasionally we have very large entries that have 6000+ rows to be uploaded. Our JDE can only take about 800 rows each time otherwise it will freeze. I’m using copy/paste uploading the data, and I need to figure out what activities to use to identify when the pasting is done after copying 800 rows over in JDE (it could take a few minutes each time when pasting that many rows) and move to the next 800 rows… The first screenshot shows the window before pasting and the 2nd the window after pasting. I use UI explorer to check the attributes of the red highlighted UI element, and I found there is a “Text” attribute which doesn’t exist when nothing was pasted but its value became what gets pasted after (in this case 31.111100). Can someone please suggest the activity flows I should be using here?


Jd Edwards have some limitations on the number of rows we are entering in the screens. But It will change for each and every in organisation here in our case it is holding up to 2000 rows at a time.

My suggestion is instead of checking in UI whether we have reached limit or not anyway we already knew that it can hold max 800 rows. Can we split our total excel data into multiple datatables with 800 rows each so that we can loop and upload the information to jde so that we would not get any issue.

Please refer the below thread for your reference on splitting the Excel into multiple datatables. Thanks.

@kirankumar.mahanthi1 thanks again for your help. I already figured out that piece and that’s exactly what I’m doing. I’m splitting the data into separate chunks and copy paste 800 rows as the bot loops through each data set. But when I paste into JDE, I need some advice as to how to identify when the pasting is done each time after the bot performs ctrl v pasting each dataset (800 rows). I’m thinking of doing a retry scope to test if an element appears after pasting but couldn’t find one, then I was thinking maybe using an attribute instead. after each pasting I need to click on the check mark to complete the uploading, which is the action to be put in the do section of the retry scope. Any suggestion?


Glad to know that you have already placed that logic in your automation.

Before giving suggestion i would like to know couple of things.

  1. Which module or application in JDE you are automating.

  2. Are you using bulk upload or one by one upload into the JDE screen.


I’m uploading each JE in a designated folder (all saved in various subfolders by company). JDE 9.2 is the version and Journal Entry is the application, attached is the landing screen (1st) and the screen after clicking on the “+” button. Thanks so much for your help!!


After discussing with my team i am sharing my suggestion for the requirement you mentioned in the above.

→ once you have done with your bulk upload(ctrl C + Ctrlv) capture the number from the pagination top of the JDE screen. use if condition to check how many rows you have updated and also click the right side of button to go to the last row and it will provide total number of rows we have populated if it is equal to 800 we are good and we can go for the next batch. try to use this logic to understand your bulk upload is completed with 800 rows or little less. i hope it might help on your requirement. Thanks.


@kirankumar.mahanthi1 thank you so much for your time, it sounds like a great idea, very much appreciated!!

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Your most welcome.

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