Retry in ReFramework

Hi All ,

I create my project using ReFramework , the process is to open website and Extract data so i want crate the Retry if the browser is close then i want to retry 3 time and then send email

how i can do that ?


You can use retry scope activity where you can mention Retry interval and No of retires

Hi @hasib08

Yes I know do that , but I do nor know where and how I cab do that in the ReFramework


Are you using Orchestrator queues then you have a option while creating the queues → Retries

if you are not using Orchestrator then You have to go to projectFolder->Data->Config.xlsx

Open Config file and navigate to Constants sheet, In that you can see MaxRetryNumber. By default it is 0, make it to 3, so it will retry 3 times

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Hi @Srini84

yes i use the Orchestrator queue


When creating the queues you will get that AutoRetry

Specify your number in that, so that it will retry the transaction

Hope this helps


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Thank you @Srini84

but also i need if the browser close then retry open again


In REFramework-> In Initilization, Place your website logic after IntiAllApplications

so everytime it retries, it will execute the website logic also

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Thanks i will try that

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