Retry activity doesn't work with persistence

Hi all ,
I am facing a problem when I am using retry activity in a project that use wait and resume Activities , when I run the process by orchestrator the job paused on the first try and doesn’t try to execute the retry scope again , and the state of the job will be suspended forever.


Provide us with more screenshots where you are facing issue

That will helps us to check the issue


Hi @FarahEtmeh

Could you provide a sample, newly created project that reproduces the issue?

Does it still reproduce on the latest versions of all activity packages?

Hi @FarahEtmeh,

I think the Retry Scope does not work in an Orchestration Process / Persistence Package because of the Interval-Function that allows the next retry to wait for a specific time.
Since I ran into the same issue as you did, I tried rebuilding a Retry Scope using a do-While loop and a delay activity.
The delay activity results in the same behavior and is also excluded in the orchestration Process doc
( Orchestration Process ( )
@loginerror I used the Version 1.1.9 of the persistance package.


Thanks @RPraschma

I think the best option for now would be to accordingly update the documentation section that you have linked. I’ll suggest an edit.

It does seem like the issue comes down to the quirks of the asynchronous execution that comes with the Persistence activity package.

I am sure our team is looking into ways to improve this experience.

If there is still someone out there with this issue, you have to use “No persist scope” container where you can put your retry: