Retry Scope Condition for Orchestrator Activities

We have been having some issues at my organization with processes stopping/faulting due to an operation timeout with various activities that deal with our Orchestrator environment (Set Transaction Status, Get Transaction, Get Asset, etc.).

I have been trying to implement these activities inside of a retry scope, but am not sure what to use for the conditional for the various activities to stop trying once it has been successful. I am worried that without the condition, it will just retry the specified number of times and will execute that activity that number of times if no error is thrown when trying it, is this the correct thinking on how this works?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


The Retry Scope activity without condition will only retry again if an error occur. If there is no error in the entire Retry Scope block, it will not retry again.

Alex’s answer about Retry is correct.

However, check the size of your Log table in the Orchestrator database. A large Log table could result in these errors.

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