Retrieve Project Version


I need to retrieve the project version for a custom activity I have built. An API I am interfacing with requests the version number of the client (my version number, not theirs). Currently, I get the project version using two assign operations:

jObject = JObject.Parse(File.ReadAllText("project.json"))
projectVersion = CType(jObject.SelectToken("projectVersion"), String)

This should theoretically work, though I’ve not been able to test it yet. Still, this seems unnecessary since UiPath should have already deserialized this file and should have it stored in memory somewhere.

Is there a better way to retrieve the project version from UiPath?

Secondly, and somewhat related, is there a way I can request an IOptions<T> (or similar) representing the project config from within a code-based Activity? Or am I stuck with manually deserializing the file?