Retaining out variable value incase of exception

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In attached flow, there is an exception in invoked flow however the out variables are loosing their value in catch part. Can you please advise if there is any way of retaining value of out variables in catch part.

Also, is it possible to know which activity faulted as there is no mentioning of it is error message. For example, in attached flow, Activity3 faulted however there is no way of knowing it. (14.2 KB)

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chk this u will get idea

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Hi @Kapil,

As per my understanding, Out arguments will not retain its values in case of an exception.
You can handle the exception in the same workflow and take appropriate steps as mentioned by @ImPratham45

Please find the below posts for details and possible workarounds.

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Out argument value after an exception

Also, for checking which activity is throwing the exception you can log exception.Source along with exception.Message to know the exact source and exception message.

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Thanks all for your suggestions!! It really helped!