Resuming a RPA process after human intervention - Attended or Unattended

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Consider following scenario.

An UiPath bot will share a report to person X through email. Person X needs to verify the report. After successful verfication, the reports need to be inserted to a system and a summary report should be shared with person Y.

Now, above scenario has following touch points.

UiPath Bot ==> Person X ==> Person Y

One could come up with a solution to create 2 workflows. One is to share reports with X, other one is to insert data to system and share report with Y.

My problem is, when X finishes their work, does he need to login to Orchestrator/Manually invoke the workflow two?

Question 1 Can we achieve something like above using Attended bots? If so how the communication should be done?

Question 2 Is there any way we can combine this two workflows into single one in UiPath?

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I would propose to keep the 2 bots. Both unattended.
Once the human in the loop is done with the checking, he either forwards the email to a certain email address or copies the report to a certain folder. The second unattended bot would “read” that email inbox of folder and continue with the second part of the work. It could be scheduled to check it every 1 hour or every 1 day, depending on the urgency.

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Take a look at Long-Running Workflows / Tasks for human-in-the-loop workflows.

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Great…Thanks for links @codemonkee.

hi @nsiva
in my suggestion bit of different

Question 1 : Yes, Attended bot is the ideal robot for this ,
For sharing the emails i hope the global process as running unattended.
Then ,
when he is receive the email, give pop up message with unattended bot running his pc and ask verification ok to proceed or not , If not ,you can deride what to do and if yes relevant attended bot will send the relevant report summary to Y and save the report in to system

Question 2 : Yes of cause , it can be a single process flow/long running workflow

Were you successful in achieving the process u described,
Can you please share your workflow for reference.

Thank you