Reset all Orchestrator Credentials

I’m looking for a solution where I can create a bot and reset passwords for all added user IDs in a Credentials Store Asset on Orchestrator.
I know this defeats the purpose of having a credential asset with user specific credentials on bot run, but need to know if this can be done?

Thanks and regards.

Hi @rpadevp

You can use the Set credentials activity. This activity helps you to change the User Id’s and passwords for the already created asset.

Check the below image,

→ In Orchestrator Folder Path, select the orchestrator folder where you want to access the assets
→ In Credential Name, provide the name of the asset
→ In the Username, provide the username that you want to update in the assets.
→ In the Password, provide the password that you want to update in the assets.

Hope it helps!!


You can do it…

  1. First use get credentials to get the username from credentials
  2. Now generate a random password using beow
  1. Use the password to reset
  2. Add the password back to assets using set credentials


The above two solutions would allow me to reset the username and password for only my Robot Asset Value in the Asset Credential Store. I’m looking for a solution which would allow me to reset password for all robot asset values within the asset credential store.
Eg: Credential asset name → DemoAsset
DemoAsset contains multiple Robot asset values

  1. User - , Machine - XYZ, Username- test1 , Password - test1
  2. User - , Machine - XYZ, Username- test2 , Password - test2

Now when I run the Get/Set credential with I can only access username test1 . Looking for a way to reset password for username test2 as well when running bot with test1 credentials. Hope that clears my question :slight_smile:

PS: I know this raises security concerns and is not the right approach but wanted to know if this can be done.