Require solution of use case

UiPath Assignment2 (4).docx (185.7 KB)

Pls help to solve this its too urgent

Hi @Vinay_Gite
Have you try to solve this, where are you facing issue?

Yes I have tried but stucked from step 7…

Hello @Vinay_Gite

Please explain the issue which you are facing with some screenshots.


actually i have tried using sequence not in reframework
…can you able to send UiPath file of complete developement

@Vinay_Gite Could you please elaborate more on the process
which are the attributes you need to read on each permission set

Attributes of A,B,C…Z

UiPath Assignment2 (4).docx (185.7 KB)

Need end to end solution. As I am fresher not able to understand the same