Assignment 2 Level 3 questions


I encounter this error and I have check the value in assign activity.

Can anyone highlight to me what is the possible error?

Thank you.


Could you please show me screenshot of full expression you assigned here. So, that we can check and help you.

Sure @lakshman

Here is it.


May I know why you added 1 before that expression ?

It is automatically come out for every assign activity. I am not sure in this case.


Hi, can you share your xaml ?

Hi @mz3bel,

I just sent you an email for my xaml file. Please check your inbox.

Thank you.

My problem still not clear yet and checking where is my problem.

May I know do we need to put the dispatcher and performer workflows into a single folder and zipped it to upload to Uipath for evaluation? That is meant we will have 4 workflows, 2 for the dispatcher and the other 2 for performer.

When we want to test our project is functionable and complete, we need to run the main workflow for the dispatcher then only run the main workflow for the performer. Is this correct?

Thank you.

Wait, did you mean to find the length of the TaxID?
What did you intend to do here?
ClientInformation.IndexOf(“TaxID”) + “TaxID”.Length

Hi @rpa4, I am glad you reply to my message.

My problem for the TaxID is that it display the startindex is larger than the string (as the first picture display). I am not sure where is the problem.

My second inquiry which is the message before you reply me is that how should I submit the work to UIpath for evaluation since we should have 4 workflows, 2 are for the dispatcher and the other 2 are for the performer.

As such, when we want to test whether our project is working, should we run the main workflow for the dispatcher then follow by the main workflow for the performer?

I’ve forgotten how to submit it. Took the exam a while back. But, with respect to your first question, what are you trying to do in that piece of code?

It is to extract the digit/alphabet of the Tax ID, after the “TAXID:”.