Reply to Outlook Email - Add Participant in CC

We’ve to maintain email thread and add new participant(mail address in CC) while replying to Outlook email using “Reply to Outlook Email”.

We can definitely take previous emails and prepare email thread by merging strings. but we need to also maintain HTML format same as “Reply to Outlook Email” maintains.

(Many email threads already exists but none of them has helped, so posting here to check if any latest development around it).

Hi @kuldip.gohil

Is your query about adding participants in CC or maintaining the HTML format of the body?


We need to add participant in CC and also need to maintain email thread with formatting. (it should be same as we do Reply all in outlook interface).

I had to do something similar.

  1. When I read the email I save its HTML content in a directory.
  2. When I reply to the email, I add new text or new content + HTML content saved in directory.

Maybe that will help you.

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