CC and Subject in Reply to Outlook Mail Message Activity


First of all, let me thank you guys for all the work you do. Especially having the Forum and leveraging it to answer user queries as well as to take feedback inorder to implement. I personally have benefitted while going through various posts and found answers to my automation projects.

I am working on a project to send bulk mails with dynamic content and then send reminders to those who have not replied using the originally sent mails from the Sent Items. I am certain automating such tasks is time saving and worthy enough. I am leveraging Reply to Outllook Mail Message activitiy to reply to mails. I am facing issues while adding CC and also amending subject sheerly because Reply to Outlook Mail Message does not have the option to do so and Invoke Code/Invoke Method activities do not the do the needful. It would be really helpful if these features are enabled in Reply to Outlook Mail Message activity at the sooner. If you think am right with the concerned raise, please do acknowledge. Else, please guide me through completion. While i write this I confirm that I have gone through hundreds of posts in this regard none of which have successful closure.

Thanks in anticipation!

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Hi, if you are asking for a new feature, then you will have to wait for probably a long time, if you want to ask for help in building a solution with already available options, then User voice is not the category to go, which one is it?

@bcorrea I wanted the concerned person to confirm that current features do not help in building solution for this project. Do you know who would confirm. I am saying this after going through many posts. Waiting is not an issue, I just need a confirmation.

See if this helps:

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@bcorrea Sure, will check. How about CC? Thanks for helping. Much appreciated.

Sorry i forgot:

@bcorrea, I think I have done exactly what you have mentioned. It just did not work. I am posting screen grabs

Oh, so this activity may be overriding all the properties in the original message as i think is intended and a reply will only be recognized as a reply if has the same subject with the "Re: " in front, but maybe just use a regular Send Email Message instead.

@bcorrea Are you suggesting that I use Send Outlook Mail Message activity. Sorry, that is just messing up the original body of the mail completely. So, there is no other way to tweak subject and add CC, right?

What do you mean messing up the body? you will have the same body or whatever you need using the send activity…

When you used the Send Mail activity, you just set the right options like: Body = mail.Body and Body type = HTML?

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@bcorrea Sorry for the delayed response. I was busy with some other project. Sorry, this method does not send out the mails with desired format at all. even after followin what you suggested above :frowning:

@bcorrea See this:
Is it not trustworthy/available? No one has suggested this and hence the question. I don’t find it either in Manage Packages>All Packages

@bcorrea Or is it available only in Studio X?

It is for StudioX, but you could try with some tweaking maybe it works: