Replicate Google Drive HYPERLINK in another account with same duplicate files

I am looking into possibilities of this topic. I have downloaded all the files(Google Slides and PDF) from 1st google account to 2nd.
As hyperlinks always fails when you transfer files from a google account to another.
I want to recreate the hyperlink from the 1st Google Account to the 2nd account. All the files, location, link is exactly same.
Please let me know if anyone can do this.

Do you have downloaded files from Google Account #1 and you want to upload to Google account #2?

No, I have already uploaded it to #2 account. I want to recreate the hyperlink as per the #1 account.

Something like this?

FileURL #1 in Google Account #1:
FileURL #1 in Google Account #2:

Is this what you need to do?

Yes correct. Only that, hyperlinks is in a PDF file and with a lot of text. Let me show you the pdf file sample.

COMP - 002 GALLERY BAR.pdf (351.3 KB)

I’m not sure if same file (in different accounts) has same URL Link… I guess Google Generate a Unique File ID and generate different URL’s although the file in practice can be the same. How someone can know if File #1 belongs to Account #1 or #2? User of Account #1 can change sharing settings without notice

Yes, the file #1 is copied from account #1 to account # 2. As for user, i am the admistrator for bothe the account. I basicall downloaded all the file from account#1 and upload it to account #2.

Have you tested that Files has same URL in several Accounts?

They will not have same URL. I think we have to solve it by click action. Open account#2 by its url.

You can use Google Suite Acitivites for that (Needed have GCP Projects in both accounts)

Hi @Rupendankhara,

Can’t you find the below options in properties of your activities to transfer the URL to other account.




I am a rookie in RPA and computer programming. Would be able to send uipath file. I am not aware how to get it.

Thank you,

@asesor-rpa what is GCP?

Which activity are you refering to @Mohansadaiyapillai

Just to confirm, I have uploaded your Example File and this is the link:

Is the same or similar to your example in your Google account?

I’m not sure Google Generates Same URL for a file in different accounts

Hey @asesor-rpa

I can confirm its not the same. We have to use some different trick.

Hi @Rupendankhara,
This may help you.


@balupad14 I am just a Rookie with Big Idea. I will have to depend upon guys like you. Please look into the problem.