Replacement for "Workflow Manager Activities" for Windows automations

With the push to get us to create new automations as Windows instead of Windows Legacy, it can be challenging to find replacements for activity packages that do not have versions for the newer platform. One such activity package that I use heavily in my automations is the Microsoft “Workflow Manager Activities” (Microsoft.Activities 1.0.1).

Does anyone have suggestions for a Windows compatible activity package that has the functions that Workflow Manager Activities" included?

In particular, I often use IsTrue or IsFalse for the condition in Retry loops. Many of the other Expressions and Dictionary/Collection management functions are also very useful.

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I think we already have alternative ways for activities of the package.
For example, we can use CheckTrue or CheckFalse instead of IsTrue or IsFalse in conditon of RetryScope.
And we can use Assign and InvokeMethod as alternative of Dictionary/Collection management activities. (InvokeMethod is not very easy…)

If there is an activity which is difficult to alternate, can you share it?


@Yoichi , thanks for the reply. I agree that Check True/Check False can now be used in the Retry Scope condition. Seems like in some older versions of Studio, it wasn’t allowed, but I’m glad it works now.