Replace multiple occurrence of string with another string in a particular column in excel

how do you replace multiple occurrence of a strings with other strings in excel??? with out using switch cases or if loop or write cell… as it takes a lot of time …
i have different values in the column and i need to replace each set of strings with other different strings…

for eg… if a column has values such as… hello,good morning,welcome…(all with multiple occurrences)
i want to replace (all occurrences) of … hello with hi…
good morning with good evening
welcome with thank you

would be really helpful… if i get a sample code using excel itself…

thank you

Did you check how long it takes when you execute hotkeys on excel? If you want to accomplish through a datatable, I think it can be done using Linq.

old value, new value
Alt+ a

Like what @vvaidya posted you can execute key combinations that access the Excel menus; by pressing Alt you will see letters appear above the menu options, so maybe Alt+a+m is an option to Remove Duplicates. (for example, Select Range then TypeInto “[k(alt)]am” or Send Hotkey)

Are you wanting to find the unique values in a row or in a column? The solutions might be different. But, you can look into LINQ solutions that are the fastest and more reliable, I think:

You can also convert the table to a string with Output Data Table, then use .Replace if you only want to replace certain words. Probably not the ideal method for your goal of getting rid of duplicates.

thank you!!!

can you please help me with an example… or how to use hot keys and linq…