Replace data to UpperCase in Excel


Do you know the way to quickly change all data from DT to UpperCase?

I read an Excel Sheet1 and store in DT (I have data in different format sometimes lowercase, sometimes uppercase, sometimes mix)
I want to convert all data to Upper case and then write to Sheet2

Thank you

you can use for each row activity. And inside the activity use assign as below
row(“your column name”)=row(“your column name”).tostring.toUpper

Convert datatable into String then apply string manipulation function str2.ToUpper()

Use Output Datatable activity to convert from DT to String.

Hi @poorna_nayak07

Make sense, however how to finally have again DT which I will need for further calculation?

convert to string using Output DT activity
then change to upper
convert string to DT by using split array with delimiters to DT again

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Use Generate datatable activity to convert from string to datatable

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