How to convert column values to upper in a datatable using .net code

I need to convert a particular column to upper case using code

Is it okay to loop all the values in the column and convert them to upper, then replace the values in the data table?

Is there any code to convert directly

Just record a macro, it will give you the code. You can then use it in Invoke code activity after dynamic changes or you can run the macro whenever required. @raghuram1

yourstring.ToUpper will convert to upper case, please brief your query clearly, while reading you need upper case or where you need to update it with upper case

I need to convert column values in a datatable to upper

while reading that value from that column you can use Convert.ToString(datarow(“ColumnName”)).ToUpper.

But if you want that to be converted within the datatable and saved it to a excel or a database please confirm.

It should be converted within