Replace all values of a data table

I have two data tables
DT1= 2000.00 2500.12 3000.25 etc (for each row)
DT2= 2,000 2,500 3,000(for each row)

please suggest how to compare these two tables since they contain “,” and decimal.

@KarthikBallary While Comparing use Convert.toDouble(row(“NumberColumn”).toString)

let that decimal value get converted to integer

@KarthikBallary Why Convert to Integer :sweat_smile:

2500 and 2500.12 are approximatelty equal. It must show it is equal. So I thought it would be better to convert them to integer

@KarthikBallary Upto What value Would you consider it as Approximately Equal?

It must not consider any decimal value

@KarthikBallary Try Comparing with Math.Floor(Convert.ToDouble(row(“NumberColumn”).toString))

i am using data filter activity for comparisions. I have two more columns to be compared

@KarthikBallary Can you tell us What operations do you want to perform in Detail :sweat_smile:

compare three coulms of first dt and three columns of second dt.
first dt is obtained from sql query. second from UI

@KarthikBallary How Do you Want to Compare the Columns? Do you want the Values to be Exactly Equal?

yes ignoring like(",") and decimals as I explained

after using for each row and then writing to excel still I am getting those , and I don’t see any decimal points

@KarthikBallary Can you provide the Excel Files :sweat_smile:

sample.xlsx (8.1 KB)

@KarthikBallary What about the Other Files?

sheet1 is of dt1 and sheet2 is of dt2.
what else u want?

@KarthikBallary Sorry Didn’t Notice the other Sheet :sweat_smile:

@KarthikBallary Ok, What Will be the Output of the Comparsion, in Which Format?