Repeat process X number of times

I want to repeat an process X number of times, my idea is that at the time of running the robot a window will open asking me how many times I want the process to be repeated

I don’t know if someone has a process so they can share me, it would help me a lot
Thank you

Hi @Stivend19,
That means you are using an attended robot, right?
You can achieve this by using a input dialogue box to get the number of iterations from user.
Then iterate the process till the number.

Hey @Stivend19

You can do this. Just follow the below steps.

  • Use an input dialog prompt the user a message asking to enter the number of times he wish to run the process.
  • Get the input to a integer variable
  • now create another variable to monitor the number of iterations and initialize it to 1 or either 0.
  • Now use it in a while activity loop as the condition

Monitor variable < user entered limit

  • inside the while loop, have the activities of your process
  • and include an assign activity to increment the iteration count of the monitor variable

Good morning Lahiru

Could you please give me an example, I attached the project that I want to repeat.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Nuevo (2,5 MB)

Good morning @Stivend19

Don’t have time to go through your workflow, but I created a small sketch which you can make use of… :slight_smile:


Would it be too much to ask if you help me by reviewing the workflow? is that I’m still something new in this from Uipath :slight_smile:

Thank you

Why would you use a while loop instead of a “Repeat Number of Times” loop? This saves the assign activity to increment the count and the condition check is also removed by default.