ReOrder switch cases

  1. If I have over 30 switch cases, is there any way to REORDER them in my preferred sequence or insert a new case at the 15th position for instance?

  2. Is there a better way to transfer items from email to excel instead of using readalllines and swtich cases?

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Actually we need to create case in order when we create them and hope we dont have an option to change the order once after creation…moreover the order doesn’t matter buddy only the value in the case matters

then for this

what data is entered from mail to excel buddy
kindly elaborate a bit more on it

Close the project in UiPath Studio and then open the .xaml file in a text editor. Go to the switch activity and you can reorder the case lines as necessary. Save and then reopen in Studio.

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The reordering is more for maintenance purpose - the new guy who is adding on to the script will have a headache if it doesn’t match the order found on my Excel sheet (even though the script still works).

The data are simple fields. It can either be

dollar amounts

or paragraphs of text with spaces in between each other