Renewal Issue - I want to use old version of UiPath Studio!

As far as I saw, so now all old UiPath Studio CEs (e.g. 2017, 2018, …) will not work anymore from now on? It seems the team is not going to fix this issue.

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Are you facing any issue in new version ??

Hi @Ajju,

I’m facing the issue that everyone has now. This license server is not working for old versions. I saw @loginerror suggesting using latest installer to reinstall it. So, I guess it means we won’t be able to use old version anymore?

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Actually, one of the core features of the free Studio Community Edition is that it will always auto-update. Any other behaviour should be considered as a bug :slight_smile:

This naturally only concerns the Community Edition. Enterprises can still decide when to upgrade as Enterprise .MSI installer does not auto-update.