Rename sheets in excel

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good afternoon
I would like to know a way to change the excel sheets for the names of my files while reading these in a folder
just get them to put the name “sheet01”, “sheet02” and so
my work reads a folder of xml files and then through a for each write on each sheet the name and path of these xml, I would like that apart from that also write the name of the xml on the excel sheets, so that be easier to look for.
Thank you very much, if there can be a solution for my problem

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did we try with the methods in this blog

Cheers @borismh

It is not the solution, please look at my workflow

Hi @borismh

There is an activity by name rename sheet you can have a glance


Is it in an activity pack?


Check this custom activity

@Palaniyappan @AshwinS2 @sarathi125
please review my work that I attached to the beginning

Hi @borismh,

Here is an activity called rename worksheet to rename the worksheet.

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