Rename Process Name in Robot Tray

Hello Guys,

Is there a way to rename process name shown in the Robot tray?
I see it usually shows [ProcessName]_[EnvironmentName]. For example, ProcessInvoive_dev.
Is there a way we can rename it to show what we want in the Robot Tray? For example, Initiate Invoice

Please let me know.

Thanks in advance!

Please follow below approach or refer to attached thread:

  • In project folder, open project.json using notepad.
  • Rename the Name field.
  • Now you can publish your project with a new name.

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Hi @Siddarth_Nair,
It is displayed based on your package name and to which Orchestrator’s environment you have send the package. Anyway you can use Report Status activity wherever you want in the process with your custom string, and this string will be displayed in robot tray.



Thanks @Akash_N_Jain for your response. My query is specific to changing the process name that shows in the Robot Tray as mentioned in my original query above. I hope you understand.

Thanks @Pablito. Thats an interesting feature that I can use for my scenario.
Is there a way to keep the Robot Tray always visible at the foreground of all applications? I observed the robot tray is pushed to the background due to clicks in the automation process. Due to this the report status is not visible.

The only option at the moment is to keep it in taskbar:
But you’re right that it will be pushed to the background.

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@Pablito the Interface snapshot you shared above is from which screen?

You need to right click on Robot tray icon and User Preferences :slight_smile:

@Pablito Seems like this is version specific.I don’t see that option. The version we are using is 2018.4.6.


Oh yes, right. This should be the first this I should ask. The option to keep Robot in the taskbar has been provided in 2019.4.2 release.