Rename problem

Why i use this method cannot rename.

it show me this error.1222

i try to use UIexplorer to indicate element but show me this

And i already try to use send hotkey f2 to rename also not work.

Besides, i also try move activity to rename. What method can i use else? Thanks.

Don’t use this method use Move File Activity or Copy File Activity

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@jothyprasanth.m i already try move file, but it show me error. When i rename it without variable, it run. Bur if i rename it with variable, it cannot run as well.

Can you share the workflow file?

Jaggu.xaml (71.4 KB)


Source Path:
Destination Path:

I find that you not giving the file name in the destination Path. Please change the destination path in Move File activity as below

I have attached the workflow in the forum please check and mark as solution if your problem solved

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** JothyPrasanth

i want to rename the file name in last one . can u pls scroll down to last one?

The one u show in ur forum i juz want to move downloaded file to c file.



This one



@jothyprasanth.m i already try to use this but show me error also, then i stuck

What is the error you getting?

this one.

Could you check what values you get for those two variables in the destination file path?

it looks like the file path is not getting generated properly or the file path that gets generated is not actually available

@Lahiru.Fernando the value i get is this two. 01 02

Hi @jiejie

I think i know the problem. The format of the two date values is not supported in file paths because of “/” character in the dates. Try converting them to dd-MM-yyyy format using below command

`valstart.ToString("dd-MM-yyyy") + valend.ToString("dd-MM-yyyy")`

I think this will solve your problem.

Let know how it goes…

If this works please make sure to mark the answer as the solution too :slight_smile:

@Lahiru.Fernando u mean i should put my destination file name as : “c:\Timesheet\”+ valstart.ToString(“dd-MM-yyyy”) +valend.ToString(“dd-MM-yyyy”)+".xlsm"

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Yep… thats what i meant :slight_smile:

@Lahiru.Fernando it show this to me


Can you show me the properties of this activity. Additionally i want to see a screenshot of that expression as well




and destination path i name as: “c:\Timesheet\”+ valstart.ToString(“dd-MM-yyyy”) +valend.ToString(“dd-MM-yyyy”)+".xlsm"

@Lahiru.Fernando thanks