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Test.xaml (11.6 KB)

I am facing a small issue with renaming the file. I am passing string variable (Q1 2022) and I am splitting it with " " and sending it to the File change variable, I supposed to get output as “File_2022_Q1”. But it renames as “File__” which variable is missing.

I tried using Invoke method, rename file activity, Move file activity but none helped with the case.
I am forwarding the workflow. Please help with this issue.

Thank you


Can you try to insert Assign activity with expression which you defined in argument panel as the following?


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Thank you @Yoichi

I would go with:

Get user_Env

Adding in a bit of best practice path.Combine(path,path)

Ended with the following activity to get a bit more control for Overwrite

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