Rename File to Variable

I am trying to read data from a cell in Excel, store that as a string, and then name a file so that the file name is that string. How can I do this?

@scott.luntz Considering you already have the string stored in variable, You can use the Move File Activity to rename the File. It also Depends on the Path where you need to store it, also you would have to append it’s extension to the file name.

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How should I structure the move file activity so that it maintains a path such as “C:_RPA” and then adds the variable to the end?

Can you please show the accurate workflow? Thanks

@scott.luntz This Workflow should be enough for you to understand the renaming process. If you still need more info, Please ask about the same.
Rename (7.7 KB)

Firstly check the “New Folder” and “Renamed Folder”. “New Folder” contains a file that I would want to rename it and push it to a different folder. After you have Executed the workflow. The File in “New Folder” will be present in “Renamed Folder” as “MyText.txt” as “MyText” was the value present in the Excel.