Rename file not working

Hello I cannot get the rename file to work, I have tried a retry catch, the file name with .fullname, .fullname.tostring, with and without extension and none of these attempts work…
As you can see the file does exist…

And the variable feeding it is a FileInfo type


Retrun value of Today.ToShortDateString include / character and it’s one of invalid characters for filename.
So, can you try the following expression instead of it?



Even without the date it fails

because the file doesnt exist
how did you get 083122_CommissionStatement_093122 (5).csv? Because i dont see it in the folder @Nathan_Betters1

It’s there, for some reason I have to right click refresh for it to display

Hello @Nathan_Betters1 ,

It seems like the new name that you provide is having some issue.
Give New Name as : “ICF Comission_”+Today.ToString(“ddMMyyyy”)


Hi @Nathan_Betters1

Check out the sample XAML file

RenameFiles.xaml (7.2 KB)



Hello @Nathan_Betters1

Please try to print the name of the file provided in the To (File) section of the Rename file activity.
Check whether its printing the correct name or not.

Else better to use “Directory.GetFiles(“Folderpath”)” and then use a for loop.


I can’t use a for each loop because I do not want to rename every file in downloads, only the file that was just downloaded


Instead of copying the file you can move the files and always keep the download folder clean.
Then only the latest downloaded file will be there.


I am trying to move the file

Have checked the below XAML file @Nathan_Betters1