Rename file after download


I need to rename files I’m downloading from a search in an excel.

Search from column B and if found, download and rename with the contents of all columns separated by an underscore keeping the extension.

use a read range activity, then a for each row, then a for each file in folder to loop into the files, inside that use an if activity to check if the curretFile.FullName.containst(CurrentRow.toString) if true, the use rename file activity passing in the file propertie the currentFile.FullName and in the new Name pass all of the rows, example currentRow(“documento”).toString + “" + currentRow(“numero_nf”).tostring + "” + currentRow(“serie_nf”).tostring… ETC

hope it helps


Hi, @fernando_zuluaga

My idea is to rename it right after the download because then I’m going to move the renamed file to another directory.

Because the search I do doesn’t match the name of the file I download, and the filenames don’t follow a pattern

I’m trying this way right after download move and rename the file.


it should be if you want seperate by underscore FolderPath +

row(0).ToString + "_"+ row(1).ToString + "_" + row(2).ToString

if you dont want any sepataron just concat all the rows like: FolderPath + row(0).ToString + row(1).ToString + row(2).ToString… etc


Almost there!

Not renamed with file extension.

And I want it to rename and then move.


just add the extension in the final ex: row(0).ToString + "_"+ row(1).ToString + "_" + row(2).ToString + ".pdf"



are files with different extensions pdf JPG jpeg png etc

hello i got it

Thank you for your help

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