Rename excel sheet without excel application scope or macros


Microsoft Excel is not installed on production server . So how can I rename an excel sheet name without using excel application scope or macros?


You can use Move File activity to rename the file.

That can be used to to rename the excel file name. I’m referring to the excel sheet name. Eg:Sheet1,Sheet2… by default will be there. How to rename that ?


Sorry. Its my mistake and did not read question properly.

use Workbook read range activity and then use workbook Write Range activity to write that output and give new sheet name here. If sheet does not exist then will create it and write.

This will rename your worksheet using VB.Net. Just provide it the file path, the current worksheet name, and your choice for the new name:

Rename Worksheet.xaml (8.3 KB)

credit to @balupad14