Removing Rows From Excel Sheet


I am looking to add data from four excel files to a single empty file(Lets call it Results.xlsx). After copying the data from the first file to Results.xlsx, would it be possible to add the second file’s data to the bottom of the list on Results.xlsx? And so on with the next few files.

I was able to copy the data from the four files onto Results.xlsx but only onto a certain range.

Is there a simple way to remove empty rows between the sets of data in this file?

Hi @Automater999

Copy the sheet data form one excel file to another excel that you can use this activity.

To remove the sets of data in the file you can use this activity.



Please check it out, (32.5 KB)

This happens in cases where some empty cells are edited (and made empty again) after the last used row, excel shows the last used as row as the one which was made blank.

I dont see any straight forward activity for this. One option is read the result.xlsx sheet using read range and delete duplicate rows in datatable. (in case any of your other rows dont have duplicate data).
If not, best way I would do is using excel shortcuts. Let me know if you need help there!

I actually solved this problem soon after writing this post.

Firstly i created a data table with one String column and not allowing Null values.

Then i write the first excel sheet’s data into a new data table.

I then merged the two of these data tables.

After this i used the Filter Data Table function. The input and output table were the first table created.

I then filtered on the rows, selecting the remove radio button with the column name assigned to “Is Empty”.

Then in the output columns i selected the columns i wanted to keep.

Hope this was some assistance.