How do i read range from 3 different excel file and paste it to another excel using studiox?

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I would like to read range 3 different excel where i can merge them to one file with deleting empty rows using studiox.



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Read range is the activity to use to read…you can either do it in loop or one by one…then use merge datatable activity to merge the data and then use filter datatable to remove empty rows…and then use write range


Use read range to read the data…and then to append the data use append range activity to add the data directly at the end of first file…Before adding you can use filter datatable to clear the empty rows

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Hi @Anil_G can u show me with an example?


Please check this…Modify as per requriement (50.1 KB)


Hi @Anil_G i cannot open the zip file. How do i open it?


Unzip it and it has the project in it

Any issue?


Yes i cannot open as it is restricted in my pc. Is there any screen shot available to see?

@Anil_G @Anil_G any screenshot