Removing from an old machine and reinstalling on a new


We have 5 licenses for Studio (as far as I know) and are wanting to remove a copy from a VM and give it to a new developer joining us, how would it be best to do this? Uninstall the copy on the VM, or if it’s not connected to Orchestrator is that good enough to not be out of compliance?



Hi @Alex_Cross,

Studio licenses are similar to the Attended licenses. You can deactivate the license on the VM and then register it on the new machine.

More info on Development License can be found here.

In case you need to refer the Studio activation steps.

Hope this information was helpful!


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Thanks! How do I deactivate the license on the VM please? I’ve looked through settings and figure there’s more to it than just uninstalling right?

Using the Command line tool,

  1. cd C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio\UiPath (or Navigate to the Physical Path where your UiPath Studio is installed)
  2. regutil deactivate

You can find more info on Regutil commands here.


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Perfect, thank you!

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