Removing empty Rows and formatting the data inside excel

Hi All,

I am working with an excel sheet where in the data is not very good, I have 2 columns where the data is scattered without any uniformity and I want it to be more formatted. Attaching the excel sheet wherein the sheet1 is what the data looks like currently and sheet2 is what we want in the output.

FF.xlsx (9.4 KB)



You can make this by taking below as a reference


Hope this may help you


In the reference video you have shared the values are all continuous where as if you look at the excel sheet which I have shared there are random empty rows in between, So I think the above reference only makes sense to my use case once the empty rows are removed and the values in both the column become continuous. Can you help in that.


but in the single-column those values are not continuous that’s why we are checking whether the cell is empty or not

Likewise you can check if the both columns are empty then use Delete row activity Else you can copy the upper row value, some thing like

If Name = “” and Subject="" then put Delete row activity

Else place row(“Name”) = Dt.Rows(Index-1).Item(“Name”).tostring

Hope this may work


This workflow should do the work:


XAML file:
Forum_29-10-2021_shekhawat.xaml (10.7 KB)