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There is an activity in studio : “Set Outlook mail categories”. However, I would like to know if there is any activity in studio to “erase or remove” the color categories or the color flags in each email when using Outlook.
In other words, i would like my robot to look for "red category emails (for example) " and remove theses red category on my emails account.
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Yes, there is an activity in UiPath Studio that can help you remove the color categories or flags from Outlook emails. The activity you can use is called “Clear Outlook Mail Categories” and it removes all categories from a specified email message.

To remove a specific color category from an email, you can use the “Get Outlook Mail Messages” activity to retrieve the email messages with the specific color category, and then loop through each message to remove the category using the “Clear Outlook Mail Categories” activity.


Use get outlook mail message with a category filter

Filter : "[Categories] = 'Red category'"

And then use the same set category activity with smpty category and pass the mail message from get outlook mailmesaage activity and it would work as clear or remove category

Check the last line

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Thanks Nytia, but i couldn’t find “Clear Outlook Mail Categories” activity.

Thanks Anil_G :handshake:

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Hello Nitya , please could you send the link where i can find the activity “Clear Outlook Mail Category” please?

Activities - Set Outlook Mail Categories (

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