Outlook email set Flag or color category

Hi all,
Can you help me to understand on how to update outlook email flag & color category using get outlook email activity.
MSDN says to have Follow-up Flag & Categories field, but how to update the field using UiPath?

any guidance

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As far as I know there is no inbuilt activity for this. The option would be to create a custom activity and import it as a nuget package. You can search the forum for examples of this.


Hi @skswain, did you manage to achieve this by now ?

I’m also interested to know if someone found a solution

Hi Ciprian! I only managed to solve this by creating some custom activities for this purpose, let me know if you would want to go this way too


Hi Raluca,

Yes, I am interested in this solution. I would appreciate if you could give me the source, as well :slight_smile:

i developed an activity for doing this (Setting/Getting Outlook Categories).
Have a look at Alphabet.Workflow.Activities.
It’s available in your Community-Plugins:
Feedback is warmly welcome!
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Hi I really like the Alphabet workflows. One issue when I get the email category I just get the email subject again. Any ideas?

One issue when I get the email category I just get the email subject again. Any ideas?

Hi Marko2019,
how are you trying to get the categories? With the Alphabet-Workflow-Activities?
Can you attach an example-xaml so i can check?
Best regards Markus

Hi Markus,

Its not working for outlook 2010…can you suggest me anything

mwerner - What would use my input MailMessage and output categories?

when you want to get the categories you have to use as
input: Mailmessage (out of getMailMessages)
output: an array of categories the mail has

I get a compiler error. In the step prior to the Get Outlook Mail Categories, I use the Get Outlook Mail Message where I created the Variable InboxMessages (Output Messages). This has a variable type of ‘System.Collections.Generic.List(Of System.Net.Mail.MailMessage)’. The compiler error says it needs to be ‘System.Net.Mail.MailMessage’

Is there any way to get around this?

you need to put one mailmessage into the activity instead of a list of mailmessages

@Raluca_Elena_Ene - Could you please provide the code to check how you have built to set the categories

@mwerner - Could you please help in sharing the code on setting the categories to the emails in outlook?

Hi Rajip, I like your activities. but I got an error when set a customized color category to an email. could you help me out?


Hi Yili!
I just downloaded this activity and set the category correctly like this:
When setting the 1 dimensional array in the Categories Input of the Set Outlook mail categories activity, you need to do it in the Syntax: { “test” } with spaces on either side of your string. It may help to get the categories for each item and check the local in debug to verify this when you’re setting future categories, but this worked for me!! Cheers!

Hi @mwerner ,

Is there any way to get Flag Status and Flag Completed Date?

Thanks in Advance.


Is there a way of clearing categories or removing a category?