Removing all screen shots from a excel sheet

Hi All,

Can some one tell me how to remove existing screen shots from excel sheet

Thanks !!

Can you clarify your query with screenshots please

Can you send a sample excel file?? @Hitesh1

Example - in a excel sheet already some screenshots will be there

Or we can say some one has pasted screenshots in excel sheet that i want to remove

Please let me know if you need any other clarification

The Excel contains only screenshots? or along with other content you have screenshots?

I have content as well…Test.xlsx (120.9 KB)

Please find the attached sheet for reference.

Thanks for the response.

with VBA:

Sub RemoveScreenshots()
Dim Img As Object
For Each Img In ActiveSheet.Pictures
Next Img
End Sub
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Here is a solution with excel.Interop.

Thanks Peter , i will try this

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