Remove "\u" from string

I have a body of text that includes “\u” that is not visible in the document. how can i remove this from my string?
I have tried

  1. System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Replace(strVar,“[\u]”,“”)
    but I get an error Assign: parsing “[\u]” - Insufficient hexadecimal digits.

  2. strVar.Replace(“\u”,“”) but this does not remove it.

here is my string example.

Pls send the Text which copied. You have posted text as picture so could not copied.

\u0007Client Reference\u0007HO/3312217600/MS13/M05\u

Check this approach:



no still there mate

Hey @Rowley101,

You want to remove “\u” only or “\u” and “" both.
If you want to remove both then use initialString.Replace(”\u",“”).Replace(“\”,“”)


\u0007 is representing the bell character

So depending on some details, unescape the text:

and/or remove chr(7)

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that has worked. thank you

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