How to remove \u0007 character from string?

How to remove \r\u0007 or \u0007 in below string which get from word document. @arivu96 @Palaniyappan @lakshman @Rowley101 @alexandretperez
\r1.\r\u0007The point by which Annelida advanced over Nematoda is\r\u0007\r\u0007\r\u0007a)\r\u0007True coelom\r\u0007b)\r\u0007Metameric segmentation\r\u0007\r\u0007\r\u0007c)\r\u0007Closed circulation\r\u0007d)\r\u0007All of the above\r\u0007\r\u0007\r

\u0007 looks like the bell char in unicode
give a try to do a replace with Yourstring.Replace(chr(7),ā€œā€)



Its works perfectly thanks @ppr

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