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I have to update a custom designed excel file, and send it to the mail, and once i send the mail, i need to delete the updated data in the excel, Lets jus say, when i completed the first transaction , i get 10 rows of data, but when in the second transaction, i am getting only 5 rows of data, so for this, when the first transaction is completed , i need the excel file rows data be deleted before starting the new transaction, so that for the transaction, the excel file be with blank data and only 5 rows data be stored,Any sample files?


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fine before inserting the fresh data into the datatable which we are passing to excel using write range, use CLEAR DATATABLE ACTIVITY which will clear all the records keeping only the headers so only fresh data will be updated to the datatable and then write it to excel with write range
Cheers @Santhosh_Hyd

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For this I would suggest use datatable concept and keep over-writting that over the older one on the excel before the next process starts

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any sample workflow? or any thread reference if possible!

hope we can directly implement the CLEAR DATATABLE activity in your current workflow just next to send mail activity

Kindly share the screenshot of the current xaml if any queries or clarification buddy
you were almost done
Cheers @Santhosh_Hyd

I tried the Clear Data table activity, it did not delete anything

what to give in the Row of Remove Data row property? i want all the rows data to be deleted except the headers… data will be entered from A3, so whatever the data adds from the A3, it needs to be deleted before the next transaction starts…

Can I suggest an alternative ?

Save the template with header and just append it in the excel!!!
Doing so, you will save the format of the header and work as per requirement :slight_smile:

Cheers :slight_smile: