Remove same elements from one datatable comparing another datatable

Hello I have one datatable MasterDT and two different datatable DT1 and DT2

The MasterDT contains all element present in DT1 and DT2. I want to remove elements of DT1 and DT2 from MasterDT.

The Columns is different in MasterDT, and DT1 and DT2.
|Column 1|Column 2|Column 3|Column 4|
|Item1| Item5| Item9 Item13
|Item2| Item6 Item10 Item14
|Item3 Item7 Item11 Item15

Columnx | Columny
Product1 | Product 2
Item11 | Product3

I want to remove item 11 from Master DT and everything mathes in DT1 and DT2

@mbs_rishabh If you can provide us with Sample Input Files and the Expected Output File that you need. It would be much faster and easier to Solve.

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