Remove row in datatable if equal to column in another datatable

Hi all. So im trying to create a “opt out” list for a monthly newsletter.

heres how it works,

I have one datatable that contains some info,


I then use get row item’s etc to generate an email with an unsubscribe button, which shoots an email back, and uipath then takes the email address of the reply and adds it to a second datatable


what I would like to now do ( and im having difficulty working out how to do it )

is say “if column “Email” in dt1 = column “opt out” in dt2 then remove row in dt1”

Any ideas how to achieve this ?

@Zak_Cooper try below code.

Main.xaml (23.2 KB)


perfect thanks pal!

I always think these things will be 1000x more simple then they actually are lol