Remove rows in datatable that doesn't match a certain criteria

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I’m trying to run through a datatable with a “for each row” loop, and then delete the rows that don’t meet a certain criteria. The criteria to be met is that the row needs to contains the string “was posted in”.

This is how my loop looks like:

My question is what I should Write in the “Row” or “RowIndex” Properties field in order to remove that certain row that doesn’t contain the string mentioned above.

I have been looking for a while in the forum, but couldn’t find any similar cases.

All help is appreciated.

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You can’t remove a row while in a loop. Instead build a datatable and add data to that table or else use datatable select which would be more smart solution


Try below code"Message like '%was posted in%'").CopyToDataTable()


Hi @PrankurJoshi and @arivu96 ,

Thank you for the replies. I figured out that the “Filter Data Table” activity was the perfect way to solve this. If anyone else should have the same issue, here is how I sorted my table: