If cell does not contain, then delete row?

Sorry to keep posting but im really struggling with this one, spent all day trying to work it out :frowning:

I’m trying to check a column called “ate %” in a datatable.

the column has a % in each row except one is “TEST”. I want to remove the row with “TEST” as that would be an error.

Heres how ive tried :

For each for in DT
Get row item = row / “ate %”-> export as “getrow”
IF getrow.contains(“%”)
then =
Else = Delete row

However delete row doesn’t work, I believe its because it doesn’t want to delete the table i am currently for each’ing through.

delete row won’t work in a for each row cycle.

I encontred this problem as well, instead of delete row, assing the index position to a collection, then, in another cycle, loop trought each item and delete them.

But, I’m sure there are another way, let the “pros” come here and solve this.

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any chance you have that sequence still? i wouldn’t know how to do that

Atos Processuais Executivos.xaml (18.1 KB)


Thank you !

For the most part I understand what is happening, but

Assign countdata = countdata +1

what is this doing? its creating a varible of itself with +1 ?

“Tratar lista actos”

here i loop trought the datatable to see if the string “Data” appears , for each row increment 1 in the variable “countDataCabecalho”, this way i can add the position of the row in the collection.

“row(0).ToString.Contains(“Data”) and countDataCabecalho>1”
i did this because i want to delete all row with the string “Data” except the first one.

In the “Add to collection” i subtract 1 because the table start with 0,1,2…

For each

keep in mind when the first record is deleted the others need to drop a position.
i used the variable “controloItem” to track if is the first remove row or not

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practice example.zip (67.2 KB)

I don’t really understand what I’m doing wrong, after testing i either get :

a blank sheet with only the headers
all the %'s removed
nothing changed.

Im trying to make it say
“if there is a % in the “%through contract” column then leave it”
“If there is no % then delete the entire row”

there is a row that i just put “dave” into every column, this would be a bad input so i would like uipath to remove it so i can continue working with the DB

I managed to finally get this working by using a try, “if contains %” assigning the exceptions to to a super high number that would never be achieved, then using a if to filter out the numbers to a report and delete the rows.