Remove Row from excel

I have like 100 rows in excel sheet and want to remove a specific row based on value
For ex: In column: Status, if i have a Error i want to remove those rows.
Attached screenshot


1.) Use Read Range to read the data to a datatable.
2.) Use Filter Datatable with the Remove option selected, and set the column to “Status”, the expression to =, and the value to “Error”.
3.) Use Write Range to write the data after filtering.

Thanks for the quick reply, I don’t want to write any value. Just want to remove the row.

If you overwrite the data to the same workbook, it will only contain only the rows you want and the others will be removed.

This is the excel

This is code how i written


Now all you need to do is write the range over the original workbook. To start, write to a new file to validate that everything is working correctly.

Hi @Chaitan,

Here is an activity called “Delete Row”. it helps to remover multiple rows.