Remove duplicate columns in datatable uipath

Hi all
Can any one help me out below question.
i want to remove duplicate columns in datatable using uipath

Hey @Naveen.Ch,

Do you mean the duplicate column values?

Because anyhow datatable will not allow you to keep duplicate column in the table schema

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hi @amarasto

while merging dt1 and dt2 its coming same column names
i want to delete duplicate column names

I did not get it.Can you attach your workflow here?let me check.

i have data table 1 with a,b,c columns
and another data table 2 c,d,e columns
when i am trying to merge data table 1 and data table 2
out is coming like a,b,c,c,d,e

but i want to remove duplicate column c

You can use the remove data column activity to remove the duplicate one.

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