Remove data rows from initial sheet

Hi all,

I’m wondering if we are able to remove data rows in the initial sheet. Here’s an example that I faced recently.

I have 3 sheets, mainly ReceivedCases (Initial), SuccessCases and FailedCases.
I have no issues separating the success execution into SuccessCases and failed into FailedCases:
E.g. for each row in MyDataTable.Select(“[Execution]=‘Success’”) for success, vice-versa.

Is there any way that we can remove the data rows from the initial sheet after running the process?
Like the basic cut function in Excel.

I am fully aware that there is a ‘Delete data row’ activity, but the initial sheet value still seems to be there similar to what I have done by querying out the keywords (Success/Failed).

Please help!


@wootberries24 If you want to certain number of rows or complete sheet you can remove it by using “Delete Range” activity.

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