How to use remove data row activity

I would like to remove a data row from B1:ZZ1 however I am unsure how to configure the remove data row activity to achieve this? I am unable to put in these values in the activity as they are string - I have created a variable with type data row and have assigned the variable "B1:ZZ1: however the error is that this is a type string. How would I configure the activity to delete this range?

Remove Data Row is for datatables, not Excel. There is an Excel activity named Delete Rows.


Yes to remove rows in Excel you need to use Delete Rows

Create variable with type as string and pass the variable in the Range



Remove data row activity is for Datatable

If you need to delete rows from Excel and as per you requirement you need to delete only first row then use as below


Apologies I meant for a data table - the data table is then outputted as a csv later on in the flow

How are you determining which row(s) to delete?

Hi @E.T.S ,

From the Range mentioned, it seems that you would want to Delete the First Row in the Datatable, if so in the Remove Data Row activity, provide the RowIndex value as 0 and check if the output is the expected data.

A More thorough and appropriate suggestion could be provided if a Sample Data format and its Expected Output format is shown.

It will always be the same row, however it’s not whole row i.e. it starts from B not A

This is the csv that gets created from my data table - the ‘texthere’ cell in column A is the cell I want to keep but the issue I am having is that the rest of the row automatically gets filled in with these column numbers. I wanted to delete the row exluding the cell I need


before writing to excel you can use below



@E.T.S ,

Now, the confusion arises, So to quickly clear the confusion, Tell us if you want to Modify the CSV File data, Do you want to only keep the First Column in the CSV File ?


After Reading the CSV File, Do you want to modify the Datatable only ?

End Expected Output could also be shown to us for confirmation on the actual requirement.

You mean you want to set some columns to a blank value? That’s different than deleting a row. Deleting a row is deleting a row. And you can’t delete columns from just one row, the column either exists in the datatable or it doesn’t.

Currently it is like this:

I would like it to be like this:

So in the first row I only want that one cell

Would that not remove all the column though

That’s your header row with all the column names. You can’t have a blank column name. If you don’t want the headers then just uncheck the “Add Headers” box in your Write Range activity.

If you want the first row to just have a value for column A, then you’ll have to make that be the first row of data in your datatable.

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I’ve previously tried the unchecking the add headers box - please could you explain the second option

@E.T.S ,

When it is required to update directly on the CSV, we could check with the Excel activities with Write Cell activity, to write empty data on the Cell Range that is known before hand.

Implementation :

Input :

Output :

Do note that when you read the CSV Data as Datatable, the Datatable will not have empty column names in it, it will have by default the column names as Column1, Column2, Column3,…

Thank you that worked!

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It’s not a second option it’s two things you need to do.

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